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Why Fill a Bowl?


We’re all about that eat fresh, feel fresh vibe: crafting meals that’ll leave you feeling ready to take on the world.


Just chucking a bunch of stuff in a bowl is for amateurs. Pick a better kind of bowl with our customisable, chef created menu.


Places to be, people to see: we know how it goes. We’ll have you on your way (flavour-packed bowl in hand) in half a tick.


Enough drooling already!
Get Tasting.

Sweet Chilli Lime

REG $13.90
LRG $16.90

REG $13.90      LRG $16.90

Satay Bowl

REG $13.90
LRG $16.90

REG $13.90      LRG $16.90

Balsamic Basil

REG $13.90
LRG $16.90

REG $13.90      LRG $16.90

Mango Bowl

REG $13.90
LRG $16.90

REG $13.90      LRG $16.90


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