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balsamic bowl

Balsamic Basil

Your choice of Protein, PLUS:
Fresh Mix, Beetroot, Mung Bean, Carrot, Radish, Red Onion, Brown Rice, Beetroot, Hummus, Shallots, Balsamic Basil Dressing

Nutritional Info:

Calories Fats Protein Carbs
Large 230g 1g 13g 46g
Regular 185g 1g 11g 38g
Small 169g .5g 9g 36g
Basil dressing 218g 22g 1g 2g
beetroot hummus 125g 7g 4g 14g

Protein and rice nutritional information per 100g

Brown rice  Chicken Beef Pork Jackfruit Tofu
calories 366g 125g 251g 185g 88g 46g
fat 3.2g 9g 19g 11g .5g 2g
protein 7.5g 10g 18g 16g 2g 6g
carbs 76.25g .1g .6g 4g 21g 1.2g

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